Law Enforcement and Military

Law Enforcement and Military

EOTech products are known the world over for their performance in law enforcement and military use.

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Dave Spaulding

"Armed confrontation is fluid and rapidly unfolding. The situational dynamics change in milliseconds and combatants need to adapt quickly. The ability to see widely across the conflict area is essential but is often affected by a physiological phenomenon called "tunnel vision." The brain focuses on the it should...but this will hinder a person who is fighting multiple opponents. Having to look down a tube to engage a single attacker only further "tunnels" the vision in regards to a quickly changing set of circumstances. EOTech optics help fight this naturally occurring phenomenon. Instead of a small round tube, EOTech offers a wide screen with very little ocular occlusion surrounding it. This enables the shooter to see the immediate threat, engage it and quickly shift to the next, both looking through and around the optic. Effective, quick on target, durable and highly visible, the EOTech is a piece of gear that truly enhances the 21st century warrior when lives are in jeopardy!" Dave Spaulding- Retired law enforcement officer, trainer, writer, consultant and 2010 LAW OFFICER Trainer of the Year.

Gresham, OR
Stryker unit medic

I was a line medic in a Stryker unit during the surge in Iraq back in the day. I remember getting my EOTech not really knowing what it was. As a medic I never really got anything special, but I...

Conroe, TX
Entering the Police Academy

I purchased my EOTech in the summer of last year, looking for a superior sight for my AR-15 rifle. With only a year to go until I enter the police academy, I went ahead and got my EOTech to gain...

Products in Use by Law Enforcement and Military

Model XPS2™

Lightweight, compact, and runs on CR 123 batteries and leaves plenty of room on the rail for magnification or other rail-mounted accessories. The XPS is also the only series that offers reticle patterns specifically designed for the FN and Sage Less Lethal platforms.

Model 552™

The 552 runs on AA batteries and offers night vision compatibility. Those features and many more make this sight a great option for Law Enforcement and SWAT departments.

Model EXPS3™

Used by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

Model 558™

The 558 runs on AA batteries with a quick detach base, side operational buttons and night vision compatibility. Those features and many more make this sight a great option for Law Enforcement and SWAT departments.

Model 300™ Blackout

This sight is ballistically calibrated for both super and sub-sonic rounds.

Holographic Hybrid Sight I™ EXPS3-4 with G33.STS Magnifier

Ideal for situations when fast transitions from CQB to medium-range distances are required. The EXPS3-4 reticle provides for multiple points of aim offering the operator fast heads-up targeting capabilities for a wide range of distances with the 3X magnification offered by the G33.STS.

Model G33™ Magnifier

This G33 magnifier allows the operator to transition from CQB to long-range targeting in seconds. Nothing is faster.

ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15) - Advanced Target Pointer/ Illuminator/ Aiming Laser

Durable and dependable the ATPIAL is essential to the arsenal of any tactical team.

Model X320™

The X320 can detect human activity from more than 800 ft away. This is an affordable hand-held option that offers more features than the competition for less money. Make sure to check out our Grant Assistance Program for more information on department purchases.

Model M2124™ (PVS-24 type)