Micheal Malley's Story

Cross-eye dominant

The EOTech sights have radically changed my shooting experience. I am cross-eye-dominant. That means that while my left eye is dominant, I am right handed (note that cross-eye dominance affects about 10% of the population). That causes all kinds of aiming problems that I find difficult to overcome (I find it difficult to close my left eye while keeping my right eye fully open). With the EOTech sights, I can keep both eyes open and I have no cross-eye-related sight picture shift. I started with the 512 line and have since gone to using the EXPS2 on my rifles (so that I have lower 1/3 co-witness) and XPS2 on my shotgun. Yes--my shotgun. I run beagles on rabbits and I find that the holographic sight results in fewer poor shots (non-lethal hits or complete misses), and it makes shooting quick-flying, upland game birds a snap as well. Best addition you can make to any long gun in my opinion.