Jason D's Story

553 and FN SCAR Match Made in Hunting Heaven

What an optic! Got my first deer with my EOTech 553 mounted on my FN SCAR 17 in 7.62x51 a nice 8 point 176 lb buck. I was sitting under a tree about 60 yards away from were he came out of the brush. I simply rolled to my support elbow put the red on him and that was It. Being my first deer when I sent the first round and he jumped I didnt know if It was a good hit so before he even touched the ground I sent another round. I didn't want to lose him, so as he lunged forward I sent one more. I know it sounds like over kill but when I found him about 25 yards from were I shot him I could not believe the pattern I held on a moving target. The first two shots were about 3 inches away from each other right in the heart and the third was about 8 inches back in the stomach. This Is amazing! Keep up the great work and the new and inovative products EOTech.