Deven C.'s Story

Goodbye California, Helllllo Texas!
Zombies Beware

I just recently moved to Texas from California. In California not many people shoot guns, so I had never gotten to fire one. Shortly after I moved to Texas my dad and I had decided we were going to get a modern sporting rifle. We went to our local gun store and saw an Anderson Manufacturing M4 with the word ZOMBIE cut out of the fore arm of the gun where the rails are mounted. This gun looked sweet, and to top it all off it had an EOTech XPS2 Zombie Stopper. I knew I wanted that gun just from the sheer cool factor. We decided to purchase it and took it to the range the day after. The store had sighted in the HWS so it was totally ready for us. I was the first one to shoot the gun, and at 100 yards I was a little skeptical that the sight would be enough to be accurate, however I was quickly proven wrong when my first shot landed just half an inch away from the center of the target, and shortly there after plenty of bulls eyes followed. The sight was truly amazing. The XPS2 allows even beginners to be able to shoot like an expert. I am going to stick with EOTech HWS for all of my rifles to come.