Colton Bird's Story

Entering the Police Academy
Police Academy

I purchased my EOTech in the summer of last year, looking for a superior sight for my AR-15 rifle. With only a year to go until I enter the police academy, I went ahead and got my EOTech to gain experience with it. With family and friends being in law enforcement, I was turned onto the product with very high recommendations. After training with the local SWAT team, I've used several different types of sights on different rifles and SMG's, but nothing compared to the EOTech I purchased for my rifle. Running through drills at night, the night vision was absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe the clarity and accuracy my sight gave me, no matter what type of drill we were running. I've also hunted with my sight, and it was great and held a zero all the way out to 200 yards that I had it sighted to at the time. After using the EOTech sight, there is nothing else I would even consider using on an AR platform, shotgun or any type of SMG out there.