Chip N.'s Story

Precision shooting
Easy on the "older" eyes (self-proclaimed)

I don't provide feedback on something unless I really like or dislike it. In the case of my EOTech EXPS3, it was definitely a better experience than I was expecting. I purchased a Daniel Defense DDM4v3. I was looking at "red dot" sights, expecting to purchase an Aimpoint. I spent some time at a gun show comparing an EOTech, the Aimpoint Comp M4S and Micro H-1, and a used Trijicon ACOG. I went with the expectation of buying the Aimpoint Comp M3 or Comp M4S, but when seeing each mounted on a rifle it became clear to me that the EOTech was going to best suit my needs. I went to the range and sighted-in my rifle. I used to shoot hi-power competitively 14 years ago, but haven't shot an AR type rifle since. To get my iron sights zeroed at 50 yards it took close to 40 rounds and it was challenging to see (I'm 48 and my vision isn't as good as it used to be). Once I had iron sights, I went to the EOTech. Within 10 rounds it was zeroed and I noticed that it was much easier to see because I could keep both eyes open. I then shot five rounds offhand with some old match ammo and four of the five rounds were inside a 1" box (the fifth round was slightly outside, but I knew I pulled that when I shot it. I then tried five rounds of M855 ammo and had almost identical results (although all five shots stayed in a 1" area this time). For not shooting in a long time and using a new rifle I was impressed even if the range wasn't that far. Next, I shot with iron sights and I had about a 6" group. The EOTech EXPS3-0 HWS allowed me to see the target better and get a smaller reference point for greater consistency (compared with iron sights). Even during rapid fire I was able to keep the shots "in the black." I was incredible to see the difference this sight made for me. Now I'm convinced that I need a G33 STS for long-range. I'll be keeping my eye out! Anyway, I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I thought that the HWS would be better because it would provide a wider field of vision for better target acquisition, but it turns out that an even more important reason for me was that having two eyes open allows me to shoot better and faster. When competing you learn to focus on consistency. With by EOTech I was able to clearly focus on a small area that provided an opportunity for consistency. Without it, I was unable to focus on a small enough area to get the best shot placement and groups. Hopefully my comments will resonate with people like me who love shooting but don't see as well as they used to. I was completely amazed.