Check out the New EOTech X640 Thermal Imager

Sunday, January 18, 2015

 EOTech Set to Introduce the New X640 Thermal Imager at the 2015 SHOT Show

EOTech, the world leader in Holographic Weapon Sights, is proud to introduce its new X640 handheld thermal imaging camera at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nev. The X640 will complement the X320 handheld, while delivering greater resolution and longer range detection. Weighing in at only 13 ounces, the X640’s 17-micron, 30 Hz frame refresh rate provides real-time video imaging without any bothersome lag time while panning or viewing moving objects.

The camera’s 640 x 480 resolution makes detecting and identifying objects easy at ranges up to 1,100 yards. The extended reach of this easy-to-transport device is ideal for a variety of markets and applications, including:  

       Law Enforcement



    • Crime Scene Investigations
    • Covert Surveillance
    • Search & Rescue
    • Fugitive Pursuit
    • Equipment Inspections
    • Livestock Search & Rescue
    • Herd Maintenance
    • Property Security
    • Scouting
    • Game Tracking
    • Game Recovery
    • Anti-Poaching


"EOTech is proud to offer high-technology products like the X640, which are more widely accessible to non-traditional markets. The ever-expanding applications of thermal products make the affordability of the X640 perfect to enhance the efficiency of commercial businesses, assist the law enforcement community in its public safety mission, and bring greater success rates to hunters and outfitters everywhere,” said Ed Schoppman, EOTech’s vice president of sales and marketing. 

In addition to the use of standard white hot and black hot thermal palettes, the X640 includes a programmable and customizable color option. Color programmability is managed through computer-based interface software that is included with the device. Built to last, the EOTech X640 is water resistant and also has a highly accurate temperature mode that will measure the temperature of objects viewed.  

All of these features and benefits are powered by two easy-to-find AA lithium batteries and the features are available through a simple one-button operation menu. The X640’s suggested retail price is $5,699 (18° Field of View) and $5,499 (24° Field of View).