How to Spot a Fake

The National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Coordination Center in Arlington, Virginia, has issued the following Counterfeit Informational Alert, which describes how to spot a fake EOTech holographic weapon sight.

Homeland Security Investigations has received increased reported occurrences of soldiers (CONUS/OCONUS and in theater) acquiring counterfeit EOTech holographic sights from vendors on various military installations.

The foremost danger in using these counterfeit sights is by them emitting a signal from the front sight, allowing the enemy to see and detect positions of users.


Unscrupulous overseas manufacturers and criminal elements in the United States are selling counterfeit L-3 EOTech holographic weapon sights to consumers, as well as police officers and soldiers. The counterfeiters closely replicated the outside appearance of the L-3 EOTech sights while some included L-3 EOTech logos and labels to make them appear to be genuine L-3 products. Unlike the counterfeits, all L-3 EOTech holographic weapon sights, as well as the consumer models sold by Bushnell, are made in the U.S.A.

Often the differences in appearance between the genuine EOTech products and the counterfeits is nearly indiscernable, including replication of registered trademarks.

These counterfeit items are often marketed for recreational air-soft use and will not...

  • Withstand coil or shock consistent with small to medium weaponry
  • Consistently hold or maintain battle zero
  • Withstand drop tests or excessive shock
  • Offer any water resistance¬†protection
  • Offer the advantages provided by true holographic technology
  • Offer dependable, reliable performance for any military, law enforcement, or competitive, real-weapon application

To identify a counterfeit product, look for the following:

  • Uncommon batteries ‚Äď The counterfeit products often, but not always, require several small, hearing-aid-style batteries
  • Interchangeable red and green reticle colors
  • Highly reflective optics
  • A visible LED light positioned inside the sight cavity
  • NV push button that switches the LED to a different color instead of to a night-vision mode
  • Lack of an EOTech manufacturing and serial number sticker

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