EOTech, a division of L-3, delivers cutting edge technology and products in the fields of holographic sighting systems, tactical lasers, illuminators and thermal imaging equipment.  EOTech is dedicated to providing high-quality battle-tested products to law enforcement and commercial markets around the world.  

The History of EOTech 

In 1972, the Michigan State Legislature established an independent, non-profit research institute, Willow Runs Laboratories. It was later renamed Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM).

Two decades later, in 1993, ERIM formed Michigan Development Corporation (MDC) to commercialize ERIM technology and create spin-off companies.

In 1995, MDC created EOTech as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ERIM.

EOTech Introduces the Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTech introduced the first-generation HWS at the 1996 SHOT Show, under the trade name Bushnell-HoloSight®. The HWS was designed to increase target accuracy and speed of target acquisition in sport shooting and hunting applications. It won the Optic of the Year Award from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence.

In 2000, EOTech introduced the second-generation HWS, with a more compact and modular design. It laid the foundation for product entry into the law enforcement and military markets. The next year, EOTech introduced the military and law enforcement HWS, which received the 2001 Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Optic of the Year Award.

USSOCOM awarded EOTech a contract in 2005. Special Operations and the Marine Corps chose the HWS as their standard close combat optic.

L-3 Acquires EOTech

In November 2005, L-3 Communications acquired EOTech. L-3 is one of the largest defense companies in the U.S. It specializes in...

  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Secure communications
  • Government services
  • Training and simulation
  • Aircraft modernization and maintenance

The Product Line Grows

EOTech moved to a larger facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2007. That year, the company also obtained ISO 9001:2000 registration.

A period of rapid growth followed. The company continually made new product introductions and increased production capacity in its new facility to match growing demand:

  • The EOLAD™ 552 with Integrated Laser Aiming Device was produced in 2007 for the U.S. Special Forces.
  • The Model M40GL™ ECOS-GL Grenade Launcher Sight was designed in 2008 for USSOCOM.
  • Several new HWS models were designed in 2009 to meet the specific needs of the U.S. Marine Corps and other customers.
  • In 2010, a quick-detachable mount was introduced that overcame the design limitations of previous quick-detachable mounts.
  • Also in 2010, the company designed a short HWS with side buttons and enhanced the 3.25X magnifier. Together with the quick-detachable mount, the trio formed a compact 1X-3X multi-purpose optic.

EOTech Becomes Part of L3’s Warrior Systems Division

In 2010, with the L3 acquisition of Insight Technology, EOTech became part of the Warrior Systems Division of L3. The division also includes Insights, Electro-Optics Systems, and Infrared Products. The Warrior Systems Division produces an extensive range of aiming, illumination, thermal, and intensified night vision products for global customers.