Personal Protection

Personal Protection

EOTech products help ensure the safety of your property and family. These personal protection products offer...

  • Flexibility of use with your own defense weapon
  • Compatibility with shotguns and modern sporting rifles
  • Improved accuracy with holographic reticles and tactical illumination
Katy, TX
Goodbye California, Helllllo Texas!

I just recently moved to Texas from California. In California not many people shoot guns, so I had never gotten to fire one. Shortly after I moved to Texas my dad and I had decided we were going...

Ideal for Personal Protection

Model 512™

The 512 runs on the "always available" AA battery and is an affordable option for home defense sighting systems. When protecting your home and family, speed to target matters. The large 65 MOA ring 1 MOA dot reticle makes this sight an ideal choice for close quarters home protection. If you have a night vision device for home protection, look at the 552. Same great sight and features plus night vision-compatibility.

Model XPS2-Z2™

Keep you family and home safe from the Zombie Invasion.

Mini Red Dot Sight (MRDS)

Can be added to a shotgun or pistol for home defense purposes. When faced with an adrenaline-charged situation, the MRDS takes the complexity out of targeting.

MTM Mini-Thermal Monocular

The MTM handheld thermal will help you detect the threat before it gets close enough to harm your family or property making it an ideal home defense tool.
Model M914™ Night Vision Device from EOTech

Model M914™ (AN/PVS-14)

If you want to be prepared for every possible situation, consider the M914 night vision device. This unit will allow you to see in the dark and gain the advantage over threats that go bump in the night. Partner it with a holographic weapon sight and you will be a force to be reckoned with.