Law Enforcement Trade In Trade Up Program

EOTech is proud to announce its first-ever Law Enforcement Trade-In / Trade-Up Program. Valid until December 31, 2015, this program will provide law enforcement officers and agencies with a local in-store redemption, ranging from $100.00 to $225.00, when trading in an old agency-approved optic for a new EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight.

The program has been rolled out to a select group of authorized EOTech law enforcement distributors, however, any distributor can particiapate by requesting the forms from their sales representative.

The process is easy, law enforcement officers or agency representatives simply:

  • contact their local supplier
  • choose their desired EOTech model
  • turn in the old agency-approved optic(s) along with required documentation
  • dealer offers the approved redemption discount (based on the value of the new EOTech)

The EOTech dealer handles everything from that point, including the return paperwork and new product orders. EOTech models favored by law enforcement agencies have been manufactured in advance to eliminate any possibility of delay in getting new products shipped and back on patrol.

This program runs through the end of December 2015 and is open to all active or current U.S. law enforcement officials and agencies. For more information, contact your local law enforcement equipment supplier, authorized EOTech dealer or contact us directly at

Retailers and Dealers: Use the EOTech authorized dealer login area to download and view the PDF forms for this program.