Al Morris

I hunt predators almost every day of the year. I need a shotgun sight that is accurate, but more importantly, fast on target for those really quick shots. Dollar for dollar you can't beat an EOTech. It has definitely helped me put more fur down.

You Can't Beat EOTech - Al Morris, FoxPro Furtakers
Craig Foster

Being cross-eye dominant I have always seen two barrels when shooting my shotgun with both eyes open.  When I started using the EOTech XPS Holographic sight I was amazed! For the first time in my life I could shoot both eyes open and not have to worry about the eye dominance issue.  I just put the illuminated EOTech ring dot reticle on the bird, pulled away for lead and then squeezed the trigger.  My hit percentage (and confidence) went through the roof.  I was sold the first time out and have been using them ever since.  

"EOTech Solves My Cross-Eye Dominate Issue" Craig Foster, "The Flyway Highway"
Luke Hartle

“Anyone who believes holographic sights only belong in close-quarter combat and not in the hunting field needs look no further than EOTech. I put this Idaho bruin down at 250 yards with the 1 Millionth EoTech holographic sight—the first bear for that sight and the first chocolate color-phase for me!”

Hunter Take Notice -Luke Hartle, Senior Editor, North American Hunter
Franklin, NH
553 and FN SCAR Match Made in Hunting Heaven

What an optic! Got my first deer with my EOTech 553 mounted on my FN SCAR 17 in 7.62x51 a nice 8 point 176 lb buck. I was sitting under a tree about 60 yards away from were he came out of the...

Hillsboro, OR
Cross-eye dominant

The EOTech sights have radically changed my shooting experience. I am cross-eye-dominant. That means that while my left eye is dominant, I am right handed (note that cross-eye dominance affects...

Our Pro Staff Recommends These Products for Hunting

NEW Model 518™

All of the best features of EOTech's top-selling sights rolled into one. This 518 offers side button functionality making it ideal for use with an EOTech magnifier. Extend your visibility and ability to take ethical shots at mid to long ranges using the 518.

Holographic Hybrid Sight II™ EXPS2-2 with G33.STS Magnifier

Provides the best of both worlds. The holographic sight gets you on target fast and offers a large viewing window for eyes open shooting and the magnifier increases the target by 3 times allowing you precise shot placement. This kit is ideal for predator hunting, whitetail deer and big game. When your hunt requires longer distance shots, make sure you have an HHS kit on the rail.

Model G33™ Magnifier

The G33 magnifier significantly increases your targeting capabilities at extended distances.

Model 512™

The "meat and potatoes" of the holographic sight family, the 512 offers the core functionality needed in a great sighting system and for a successful hunt. With 20 daylight settings you can adjust the brightness of the reticle pattern for hunting from dawn until dusk. Powered by AA batteries (that can be found in any corner store) this sight is our most popular sight.

Model 512™ XBOW

The only Holographic Crossbow Sight on the market. Significantly increases your speed to target. Ranging and aiming reticles both appear in the viewing window, eliminating your need for rangefinders and any additional movement or noise associated this ranging the target. Whitetail hunting with a crossbow has never been easier.

Model XPS2-RF™

Designed for the traditional rimfire with a 3/8 inch dovetail rail, this sight is perfect for young hunters or new shooters.

Model X320™

Affordable thermal option for night hunting where legal. Lightweight handheld unit can be used for spotting or tracking.

LWTS Light Weapon Thermal Sight

Use as a handheld or weapon-mounted thermal sight (where legal). The 30 Hz refresh rate provides incredibly clear images and makes stalking, sighting and tracking a breeze on night hunts. After hunting hogs at night with the LWTS you'll wonder why you ever bothered with daylight hunts. A great investment for outfitters and guides the thermal heat signature helps ensure you recover game that is down in the field.

MTM Mini-Thermal Monocular

The handheld MTM is ideal to assist with spotting and tracking prey at night.
Model M914™ Night Vision Device from EOTech

Model M914™ (AN/PVS-14)

Due to its versatility, this compact night vision device is perfect for night hunting (where legal). This can be used as a stand alone spotting device or it can be partnered with a night vision compatible holographic sight and used for aiming.