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Model 512™

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Camo Models MSRP:$469

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Model 512 is our most popular holographic weapon sight. It’s ideal when you need the best in speed and versatility, without night vision compatibility. Available in Realtree™ APG and Mossy Oak® Obsession camo patterns, as well as black.

If you have a night vision device for home protection, look at the 552.  Same great sight and features plus night vision-compatibility.

Product Details

Night Vision Compatibility:

5.6” x 2” x 2.5” (143 x 51 x 64 mm)

11.5 oz (325 g)

Water Resistant:
Submersible to 10 ft. (3 m) depth

1” Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail

Power Source:
Two 1.5 V AA batteries
Supports lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable

Battery Life:
Lithium: 1,000 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temp.
Alkaline: 600 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temp.

Controlled under Export Administration Regulations (EAR); may not be exported without proper authorization by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
L-3 EOTech reserves the right to change the product specifications at any time without notice.


9 Reviews  |  Write a Review
Eotech 512 or Aimpoint Pro? Dan The Man  |  June 26, 2015
After purchasing my first ar15, it was time to buy an optic. After countless hours of research coincided with my philosophy of use(target shooting at the range), I had narrowed it down to either the Aimpoint Pro, or the Eotech 512. The debate on which of these is the superior optic is beaten to death on the internet. I finally figured I had made up my mind and was planning on going with the Aimpoint. THEN I had the opportunity to look through both optics while they were mounted on an ar at the gun store. I had vastly underestimated the awesomeness of the Eotech reticle and instantly changed my mind. I'm not here to bash Aimpoint by any means, because I know they are a good optic. I would however STRONGly recommend looking through both optics before making a purchase decision. Knowing that both optics have a track record for dependability that far exceeds my requirements, the decision came down to their shootability. In my opinion, the Eotech reticle is far easier and far more enjoyable to use than Aimpoint's.
EOTech 512 Jim Walker  |  May 10, 2015
Fantastic, I have owned this sight for over 10 years. I fist put it on a very special AK-45 in Colorado, back in the day and I could hit a 12" target at 100 yards repeatedly for over 100 rounds. I took it off the weapon for 8 years and when I took it out the batteries had broken down and oxidized. I took them out and cleaned everything up as best I could, but the unit would NOT come back up. EOTech supported me sending a repair kit for the bottom battery contacts with NO COST to me. Installed kit and everything is operating perfectly. I think I will install it on my new Sig AR-15. EOTech is the BEST in more ways than one
Great, all around! Tony  |  December 07, 2014
I have bought AR's and added EoTech optics to them, only to end up selling the entire package. No more. I kept coming back to EoTech, after trying other brands, and I've found my favorite. I first seen an EoTech in the military, and it was pretty much decided at that point, that I'd only use them, even on my civilian rifles, later on. I like the AA battery use, because I'll always be able to find them. The 68 moa is great for CQB, and the 1 moa is great for distance. As I said, a great, all around optic. EoTech, and never look back in my opinion.
512 sight D. Silla  |  November 28, 2014
Best damn site you can get for your AR-15. Always on, always accurate and always zeros in. Don't waste your money on a cheaper site that will have issues and concerns when you can get this one for a fair price anything between 350 and 400 bucks is worth it. You won't be sorry, and you'll know you have the best. Red Laser is bright and holds its brightness very well day or night. 512 with no night vision is fine for me. I have used for bucks, hogs, turkeys and bear. Get this now and start hunting'! Ye ha! ~D. Silla
512 reviews Aaron  |  August 17, 2014
Great quality and clarity. The best part about this sight is how long the power will last. Turn it on and leave it on. No need to power down when on any project..
Great Kevin M  |  June 29, 2014
Great optic. I put the 512 on my AR-15 and use it only for occasional target shooting (not military or law enforcement). Easy to see through, easy to zero, and it holds zero well. Takes AA batteries and is durable.
Fine Optic M. Templin  |  June 28, 2014
Fine optic...1000 hours on two AA with a convenient 4 or 8 power down and 20 brightness levels. Built like a tank, very affordable for a premium military grade optic, comes ready to mount, and perfect co-witness with A2 front sight and BUIS.
EOTech 512 Anton Z.  |  June 25, 2014
Absolutely fantastic weapon sight. When I got my FN Herstal SCAR 16S, I knew that this was the perfect optic to pair it with, and it's performed flawlessly. Comparable in durability/construction to any Aimpoint I've shot, including the PRO, T1, and COMP M4. I personally like the reticule and wider field of view. Once dialed in, it's almost too easy. 5/5 would recommend.
Turkey Hunting with the 512 Amy  |  April 08, 2014
I used the EOTech 512 in Mossy Oak Obsession this season for turkey hunting. When I patterned the shotgun I knew exactly the type of coverage I would be getting at 40 yards. When that Tom came in range, I made sure his head and neck filled that ring and I pulled the trigger. It was an awesome hunt and the EOTech optic makes it easy to know you're on target.
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