Competitive Shooting

Competitive Shooting

EOTech sights help you increase your accuracy along with your speed to target. They are ideal for 3-gun, pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooters.

Competitive shooters using these sights benefit from...

  • Accuracy reticles are small and don't cover the target
  • Speed holographic reticles adjust to the distance of the target plane
  • Durable aluminum hood adds protection for optical components 
  • Ease of transition from short-range close quarters to mid- and long-range shots with a switch-to-side magnifier
Dallas, GA
Bethany the Competitive Shooter

My name is Bethany Harris and I am a competitive shooter. I started shooting the rifle competitively in 2011 with an optic; in 2012 I moved to the Tac-Irons Division and used traditional iron...

New Berlin, WI
Precision shooting

I don't provide feedback on something unless I really like or dislike it. In the case of my EOTech EXPS3, it was definitely a better experience than I was expecting. I purchased a Daniel Defense...

Highly Recommended Products for Competitive Shooting

Model EXPS2™

The EXPS2 is ideal for fast-action competitive shooting. Nothing gets on target faster than a holographic sight and this one features a reticle with a 68 MOA ring and 1 MOA aiming dot. The pixelation of the reticle means you don't cover or lose sight of your target.

Holographic Hybrid Sight II™ EXPS2-2 with G33.STS Magnifier

This reticle pattern offers the shooter multiple points of aim for close and long-range shots along with a 3 magnifier to bring things in close. Switch the magnifier to the side for short-range incredibly fast targeting capabilities.

Model G33™ Magnifier

The G33 magnifier allows the operator to seamlessly transition from short- to long-range targeting in seconds.

Mini Red Dot Sight (MRDS)

Compact sighting system designed to increase speed and accuracy for the pistol shooters.